Buyers Guide

Mountain Bikes

These are bikes that will primarily be ridden off-road on single- or two-track. They typically have shocks to soften the ride as you go stump-jumping and over rocks and roots. Michigan has over 800 bike trails for such riding, so it is a mountain bike wonderland, despite the lack of mountains! The mountain bike experience is exhilarating and carefree, while being a heart-pumping way to exercise. Some lower end bikes can be used for casual commuting.specialized

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Road / Triathlon

If you see yourself in the tuck position, riding in group rides with the pack, then a road bike might just be for you. It is the choice of most fitness riders who see themselves participating in group rides, triathlons or duathlons, and even extended road bike trips to exotic locations.

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These bikes are for those who can use the extra help pedaling up hills or keeping up with the pack. If you are a commuter or you are interested in going a little further than your fitness will allow, consider the helpful assistance of an electronic bike. They run on a battery, and once you turn them on, prepare yourself to be surprised at how easily you can accelerate!

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Plus Bikes / Mid-Fat Bikes

The hottest category in Mountain Biking is the Plus Bike or as some call it the Mid-Fat Bike. These bikes use tires ranging from 2.6’ to 3.0.” The wider footprint gives you amazing traction climbing up hills and you have much better control going through corners. If you happen to live in Michigan and don’t we all, it makes going through the sandy sections of the trail an enjoyable rather than a sketchy experience. The wider tires also smooth out the trail and make long rides more enjoyable. Most of all, they are just plain fun!

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Fitness / Hybrid Bikes

These are your fun weekend bikes that you can add panniers to and head to South Haven for the weekend on the Kal-Haven Trail. Or they can be your commuter on weekdays, again loading up those panniers with everything you need to shower and change on arrival. Using that shoe metaphor from up above, this is the equivalent of a shoe that you wear every day for any occasion. 

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Gravel / Cyclocross Bikes

 If you are very fit – or want to be – and love to find your challenges away from cars and traffic, then come in and look at Team Active’s gravel or cyclocross bikes. These bikes resemble your standard hybrid/fitness bike, but they are lightweight, easily portable when needed, and tons of fun!

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Fat Bikes

An off-road bike with extra wide tires for unstable riding surfaces like sand, mud, or snow! Wildly popular, they go over any terrain with confidence and stability. They are a solid four-season bike for those who require more than 6 months/year of biking. You make up in versatility what you lose in overall speed.

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Cruiser Bikes

Cruisers are fun for tooling around beach towns, easily putting your feet down on the ground while sitting, and basically, just soaking up good vibes and fresh air. They tend to have very colorful designs that add to their dynamic personalities!

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Kid’s Bikes

Let us fit your child up with the best bike for him or her. Kids bikes tend to pass down their bikes and eventually, when you are ready to sell, you can still get a great price for it.

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