End of Winter Party: Thoughts from a first time Guest

The last Friday of every February has marked the occasion for Mike’s Team Active Bikes End of Winter party for the last 26 years. It’s a really fun event where you can get to know fellow cyclists from around Southwest Michigan, as well as several cool and interesting people from the cycling industry. I attended the event myself this year, and got to enjoy some nice food and drinks while walking around chatting with people. I was actually surprised with how many people packed into the bike shop that night. There were also some booths at the party, set up by local businesses and Team Active partners to get to know the partygoers, and I heard back from them what they thought of the event.

Cereal City Athletics had a booth set up on the main floor of the shop, letting people know about the athletics club they host and the many community activities they set up. When I talked with the person running the booth, they had just arrived and were excited to see so many people walking around the shop. They also told me that they were happy to see Team Active getting back to its roots. In case you didn’t know, Mike’s Team Active Bike’s was actually restarted as a new company back in May of last year by the original owner, Mike Wood. This year marked the first End of Winter party since then, and the turnout really showed how happy everyone was to see Mike back in control of the shop.

DuVine Luxury Bike Tours had a booth set up on the main floor, where they were showing off some of the biking tours that they offer around the globe and helping people to sign up for them. DuVine recently partnered with Mike’s Team Active Bikes, so it was a good opportunity for them to get to know some of the Mike’s Team Active Bikes’ customers and what you guys are about (biking!). As it turned out, a lot of people are the party were interested in DuVine’s tours, and they were excited to see so many interesting riders coming up to the booth and saying hello.

Up on the third floor I found the booth for Moonshadow Alchemy. They are currently rebranding themselves after moving to Michigan from Pittsburgh. Here in Michigan, they offer natural CBD-based products with a lot of health and wellness benefits associated to them, and were sitting down with partygoers to explain their product line and also to offer discounts to first time buyers. They told me they were enjoying the party, and also happy to feel welcome in their new locale.

There was also a bar set up on the third floor, with a few kegs of beer sent over from the New Holland Brewery. They sent over two of their core brews, Mad Hatter and Poet, and they were also showing off their new seasonal brew from this year, Kombucha. While I didn’t try any myself, most people I saw seemed to like it pretty well, and I’m pretty sure they emptied every keg before the night was out. 

In all, I’d say this year’s End of Winter party was a huge success for shop. Since starting up again under Mike’s ownership, Mike’s Team Active Bikes has only gotten better for the cyclists of Southwest Michigan, and I look forward to seeing what fun events they have planned and new opportunities they make available to the cyclists of Battle Creek.

Alex Miller

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