Mike’s Team Active Bikes is Back!

Last Wednesday, I had the chance to interview Mike Wood, who owns and operates the Mike’s Team Active bikes store. He reacquired the downtown Battle Creek store in May of this year, and was more than happy to answer my questions on how things have been since his hiatus.

Mike told me about how someone wanted to buy the Team Active business from him back in 2015—and how that deal never really worked out in the end. He took back ownership in 2018, acquiring ownership of the business for the second time since way back in May of 1986 when it all began. Starting up again this year, he tells me everything’s been going “excellent, excellent, excellent!” with all the new and returning business “far exceeding expectations.”

During the hiatus, the store was meant to become part of a chain of Trek concept stores all over Michigan. Now, Mike sells bikes from several different companies with long standing relationships to Team Active, like Canondale for example, which have been working with Team Active over the last quarter-century. Simply put, Mike told me “we’re here to serve our customers.”

The community response has apparently been “overwhelmingly positive” and “very reassuring” since coming back as well. He feels more passionate now than he did 32 years ago when he first opened shop. When asked what plans he had to improve Team Active in the future, Mike recalls an old Nike slogan, “there is no finish line.” I look forward to seeing what changes come around.

He tells me how—with his return—he wants to bring the Team Active brand back to the way it was before his hiatus. Mike explains “our core business is bicycles. We offer the highest quality bikes, competitive price, with the best service, regardless of who’s making it,” which definitely showed in everything I saw there. From the racks of bikes to the walls of bike mods to the fully kitted GURU system, I would have been hard pressed to think of something Mike didn’t offer his customers for biking. Whether a seasoned triathlete like Mike himself, or a casual city biker like me, Mike’s Team Active Bikes probably has what you’re looking for and more.

Husam Beitello

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