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Riding a bike is exhilarating, fun, and carefree…until your gears won’t shift properly, your tire rubs up against the brakes, or your chain falls off!

All bikes need tune ups on occasion, and we recommend you buy your bike from a retailer that services bikes affordably. At Team Active, we are always trying to find ways to keep our customers motivated to enjoy their bikes, which is why we came up with the free 30-day tune up and the 3-year renewable service agreement!

The free 30-day tune up is important. New bikes experience cable stretch, which impacts shifting and braking, so all bikes need a tune up once the bike has been “broken in,” so to speak. No appointment is necessary. Just bring your bike in when you begin to notice the shifting is not quick and clean.That’s a sign that your cables have stretched.

Additionally, we offer you a 3-year service agreement. All you need to do is pay for one bicycle tune up and you get three years of tune-ups free!  Our customers loved it so much, we made it renewable. It’s comforting to know that your Team Active bike will always be in top shape for riding!

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