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Mike’s Mileage Club

Get Paid To Ride Your Bike!

Mike’s Mileage Club
100 Miles ridden = $5.00 Mileage Club dollars
$39.99 Annual Fee
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Mike’s Mileage Club Rules:

You earn $5 in Team Active Gift Cards per 100 miles ridden.
You must have a way to record your miles, Strava, Cyclemeter, Wahoo, Garmin, Map My Ride etc or a working cycling computer on your bike.
Miles must be entered by the end of the month after miles are ridden.
Mileage club dollars may be used to pay for up to 50% of any purchase at Mike’s Team Active Bikes.
Mileage club dollars cannot be redeemed for cash.
Mileage club membership lasts for a 365 days starting from day of purchase.

What are the goals of us paying you to ride your bike?
#1 The more you ride the healthier you get! We want you to a healthier you!
Regular cycling has a ton of health benefits including; Improved cardiovascular health, weight loss, improved strength, better balance, a strengthened immune system, a reduced risk of heart disease and cancer, it helps you sleep better, and it improves your mental well being
#2 Cycling has a positive impact on the environment
#3 Motivate people to ride their bikes with an extra incentive to go the extra mile.

Mike’s Mileage Club – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use mileage club dollars towards the purchase of a new bicycle?
Absolutely, Mileage club dollars can be used towards a new bike purchase. Please be aware, we are unable to ship bikes.  Due to dealer restrictions, all bicycle purchases must be picked up in the store.
Do Mileage Club dollars expire?
Not a chance!  Mileage club dollars are issues in the form of a gift card with no expiration.
What is the highest number of miles ridden in one year by a member?
Over Ten Thousand Miles!

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