Guru Bike Fitting

Team Active GURU Bike Fitting System

Your bike was made for someone your size, but after a GURU fit, your bike is made exactly for you. Nothing else can improve the comfort of riding your bike more than having your bike fitted for you, and Team Active is happy to provide you with that service using the GURU Fit System™. Get the most out of your cycling experience and set up an appointment today!

How does the GURU Fit System™ work?

The focus of a bike fitting is to find the optimal riding position for you, on your bike. Not only does this help competitive, serious cyclists get the absolute most out of their bikes, it helps cyclists of every kind, from casual to professional, ride in the most comfort possible. Using GURU’s own Range of Right® Motion Capture System, and based on industry-proven fit science, both you and your Team Active fitter can see changes in key fit metrics in real time, speeding up the fitting process and getting your cycling up to maximum potential that much faster. The system uses unobtrusive infrared markers placed on your side to detect your full range of motion as you pedal, no bulky sensors or gear involved.

The experience is also vastly improved when combined with GURU’s Dynamic Fit Unit™, which is the only fit system to provide riders with a truly “dynamic” fit. Rather than relying on other dynamic fitting methods that rely on manual adjustments between pedaling, the DFU™ is a fully computer-automated fit bike that adjusts while you ride it. Paired with GURU’s software, you can instantly feel every change made as the Guru Fit System™ takes you to your absolute best riding position. When even a few millimeters of adjustment can make all the difference, trust GURU and Team Active with your next bike fitting.

The GURU Dynamic Fit Unit™ paired with the GURU Range of Right® Motion Capture System can bring you to your best possible cycling experience.

What is a fit first process?

Static fit methods can force you to conform to the parameters of a given bike, rather than conforming the bike to you. The GURU Fit System™ is a “fit first” bike selection process, meaning not only can it find your optimal riding position on your own bike, it can also help you to find the perfect bike to match your riding preferences as well. Whether you’re a hardcore speed fanatic, tearing through trails, or just into cruising down the sidewalk, let Team Active and GURU find the best bike, made exactly for you.

How can I get fit?

Team Active provides a fully featured bike fitting using the GURU’s Fit System™. With full certification on using the GURU Fit System™ and on F.I.S.T. fit protocol, Team Active fitters are sure to help you find every way possible to improve your cycling experience and comfort. Schedule a fitting today and take your cycling experience to a new level!