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July 1 2009

The First Annual Team Active Midnight Ride of 2009 was a great success.
30 intrepid riders assembled in the Team Active parking lot at 10:00 pm on Saturday, June 27th, ready to embark on what would be a memorable ride. Because so few riders have experienced "night riding," Team Active sponsored the first Moonlight Ride this year to share the experience and help people better understand and appreciate the night riding experience.

Team Active offered online and day of registration for the event, and participants enjoyed learning about lighting, group riding technique, and the fun of riding at night.

The ride left Team Active at 10:00 pm and travelled South on Capital Avenue to Territorial before heading west to 28th Street and eventually South on Helmer Rd. After heading back east on Watkins, riders stopped at Sweetwater Donut Mill for a mid-ride snack and then continued back to the store via Capital Avenue and Riverside Drive. The ride used the recently created bicycle lanes as much as possible to emphasize the use of the new bike lanes.

Following the ride, participants enjoyed pizza, beer, soft drinks, and good conversation inside Team Active.
First time riders were impressed with how much fun it can be to ride at night.
Due to the success of the event, Team Active will continue to sponsor a Moonlight Ride the last Saturday of June.
Of course, you don't have to limit your night riding to the Moonlight ride; you can visit Team Active anytime for lights, and additional night riding information. Visit the store or for more details.


Linear Park Cleanup

Help us clean up the Linear Park for the betterment of the community! This is a great voulenteer oportunity, and all are welcome. The event starts at 9:00AM, in the Team Active Parking Lot on April 11. Help us improve the Linear Park for all of Battle Creek!

March 11 2009

Outdoor road rides start again, the official sign that winter might be over soon. Daylight savings time is in effect, giving us more time to ride. It is still cold out, so weather permitting we will ride. Click here for more information, and feel free to call us. Happy Riding!


For those of you who havent heard we are having our End of Winter Party on the 27th of February. Make Sure to RSVP (Click to RSVP)


Team Active is having its usual Bash along with all its usual panache

with a live band and deals galore, grab your friends, nieghbors, and more!

Help us make this the biggest one yet...

An End of Winter Party we will never Forget!

Super Sweet 16th End of Winter Party

Friday February 27 6:00 PM

As always, the event is free, mark your calender, and RSVP!

May 27, 2008

Touted as being "The World's Most Challenging Human Endurance Competition", the 5th edition of the Primal Challenge Eco Adventure Race will be held this June 21 - July 2 in Montana and our very own Eric Wallace, Kathy Roche-Wallace and her daughter Melissa will be among the many teams competing in this multi-day, multi-discipline adventure race. They will be joined by 2007 Primal Quest participant Scott Campau, of Muskegon.

To help offset the expense of this event (yes, it's expensive), we are hosting a Primal Pizza Party at the BiCi Bistro in downtown Battle Creek on Saturday, June 7th. Any pizzas purchased after 7:00 pm (dine in or carry out) will have profits donated to Team Active's Primal Quest Team. Click on the image to the right for more information and get your friends together and plan on making a night of it. Several Team Active Racing Members (including the Primal Quest "crew") will be on hand and looking forward to meeting the public.

Of particular note is the fact that Kathy and her daughter Melissa are the first mother-daughter team to ever compete in this event. This has interested race officials as a special interest feature and you may just be seeing Team Active Racing appearing in some national publications before, during and after the event this year! So, stay tuned and keep an eye out for Team #28.

So, mark your calendars and come out on Saturday night for some pizza and support a great cause. We're looking forward to seeing you...

January 10-09

I hope everybody had a nice holiday. This is the first blog of the new year and we have 2 announcments. For those of you who aren't loving the snow, and can't get outside to ride, then come in and join us for indoor trainer rides! Everyone is welcome, and if you don't know how to ride on a trainer/roller then there has never been a better time to learn, and its a lot of fun. Feel free to call us for details.

Second up is a recall notice:

  • "Mavic has announced a voluntary recall of its R-SYS front wheels as a precautionary safety measure. The carbon tubular spokes of the R-SYS front wheel may break during use in certain circumstances.

    All models of Mavic R-SYS front wheels are included—R-SYS, R-SYS test, R-SYS Premium—whether purchased separately or as part of a bicycle. The wheels must no longer be used.

    Consumers should immediately return their front wheel to a Mavic dealer; and a new upgraded R-SYS front wheel will be delivered free of charge. This exchange will start from March 31. Until this date, and to facilitate the continued use of your bicycle, Mavic will offer a set of Aksium wheel that customers will keep after they have received the replacement R-SYS front wheel."

So if you happen to be in possession of one of these wheels, call us with questions, and do not ride on them.


November 5 2008

Hey Guys,

Just a short technical blurb for all Team Active customers planning on upgrading their bikes to the new Campagnolo 11 speed rear end. There is currently a compatibility issue with most non Campy/Fulcrum brand wheels. Mavic and many others are looking at simple fixes to keep the cassette from binding against the spokes.

We hope this information is helpful.

Team Active

October 22 2008

It has been a great cycling season so far and we aren’t ready for it to end. I know many of our regular group riders have worked hard to get to outstanding levels of fitness and don’t want to let it slip away. We are planning on having indoor group rides…trainers, rollers or whatever to help maintain or build fitness. We are planning on Monday nights at 6:00. Please bring your own bike and trainer if possible. Mike and I are happy to teach anyone interested in the art of roller riding. Rollers can have a huge impact on your ability to ride smoooooothly. Rollers help develop a smooth spin while guaranteeing that you can cycle in a straight line.


April and I are planning a trip to Spain next September to ride along the Mediterranean coast. This will be a Trek Travel trip and we invite anyone interested to come along. Trek Travel puts together some of the most spectacular cycling vacations possible. When they say come enjoy the vacation of a lifetime, they are not exaggerating. For more information e mail or click on the following link. We are traveling September 27, 2009.


In the past there has been some interest in lunch time indoor rides. Please contact us if you are want to put something together.


It is never to early to plan our January 1 bike ride……. No matter what the weather we will rid on January 1, 2009. We had 9 people and 6 inches of snow. Hopefully we will have more people and less snow this year.


Did you know that Team Active is the only place in Battle Creek (or Marshall and many other places) in the area that you can purchase North Face and Patagonia clothing? Look for our e-newsletter for some money savings on clothing. There is a link to the newsletter on our web site under the About section.


Thanks for reading.



July 29, 2008

Lots of exciting happenings around Team Active.  The Tour had ended nearly dope free, 09 bikes and accesories are rolling in and the weather is perfect for riding.  As August approaches we are preparing for new technology, new faces and a new website designer.  I am starting my teaching internship and have passed the website torch to our newest employee Caleb. 

love dan

July 21, 2008

First Job, First Commute

            This summer I decided to apply for a job here at Team Active.   I landed the job but I had one problem on my hands, I am too young to drive. Working at a bike store, I thought, “I can ride my bike to work!” I’ve logged in many miles on my bike over the years but I have never commuted before. Low and behold, I got on my bike, rode down the Territorial bike paths to Capitol and made it to the store. As I did this more and more, I realized that I wasn’t tethered to my parents to drive me around.

            Many of my friends rode their bikes but never for any purpose. They had to get rides to wherever they wanted to go while I could travel whenever and to wherever I wanted to! It made me feel independent and got my butt off the couch in no time. I got where I wanted to go faster and faster every time I rode, and best of all it was fun!

            My parents have started to train me in the art of driving a car, which is very exiting. Soon I will be starting drivers training and in a year I will get my license. However, I don’t think much will change.  I will continue to ride my bike back and forth to work with the rest of you. When my friends are paying 5 dollars a gallon to get to work, I’ll get there for free.


July 21, 2008

The Go By Bike Challenge

Here at Team we are dedicated to helping people ride bikes.

Trek and One World Two Wheels have started a new campaign to raise awareness and motivate people to ride.  You can pledge your mileage and register to win prizes HERE.


July 14, 2008

Trip to North Carolina, family of 4, bikes, luggage, stuff....How do you take it all with you?

I was faced with this dilemma recently and with the rising cost of gasoline, most of us will face this challenge sooner or later. We are starting to get by with smaller cars which is great for those times we can't commute on our trusty two wheeler, but when we travel we need more space.

Thule to the rescue. Thule makes a great line of car top boxes to compliment their outstanding line of multisport carry solutions. I recently increased the size of my cargo carrying capacity with the Thule Ascent 1700. This dual side entry cargo box swallowed more stuff than you can imagine and the fact that it opened from either side was very convenient. We encountered torrential rain and all of our necessities packed inside remained dry!

Next time you need some extra space for a trip, please stop by and check out the car top carriers at Team Active.


July 9, 2008


July 7, 2008

Groceries By Bike:

$4.19 per gallon stings the pocket books.

Why not run errands by bike?

I have used my Burly Nomad for groceries, Dog food and home improvement supplies.  It accomodates 100 lbs and the flexible cover allows for bulky loads.  Pictured below is the BOB YAK, in stock at Team Active and Team

June 18, 2008

Great cycling tips at

Find them Here

June 9, 2008

Freiker, Oakley and Racing

It has been a while since the Team Active Blog has been updated. Here is the latest and greatest news from your local bike shop.

1.  The Freiker is coming to Battle Creek. Stay tuned to this blog for more information.

2.  Oakley are they fashion or function?

We have customers who purchase Oakley eyewear just because of the look and that is just fine with us, but we also have customers that demand that their products are the best. Oakley delivers here as well. I'm sure most of you reading this blog entry noticed the recent change in Michigan weather. Just two weeks ago, we were facing frost warnings and now we have heat advisories. Along with the heat came the humidity. I went for a beautiful ride early Saturday morning with a few of the Team Active Racing crew and the last piece of gear I grabbed were my Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses. The glasses feature Oakley's famous optics, their comfortable ear socks and nose pieces, but they also have some new technology, hydrophobic/oleo phobic coated lenses. Anyone who knows me knows that I sweat a lot. Sweat drips off of my face onto my glasses and bike and anything else close to me, but this blog entry is about the glasses. The coating on the new glasses is nothing short of amazing. It is like having rain x on your glasses. The sweat dripping from my face to the inside of the glasses beaded off and ran away. My glasses remained clear! This really hit home as I watched one of the other riders finish his pull and move to the back. He sat up and removed his glasses and tried unsuccessfully to wipe his glasses clean on his jersey. I didn't have that problem.

Eyewear is essential for any cyclist for many reasons. Eyes are precious and bad things can happen. Low hanging branches if you mountain bike, rocks flying up from rotating tires on the road, debris blowing in the wind. All can be dangerous for the eyes. Oakley offers the best optical clarity of any sport sunshade and all of their lenses exceed the tests for safety glasses. They look cool and with the new coating are even more functional than ever.

Come in to the store and ask for a demonstration of the new lens technology. You won't be disappointed.

Be sure and check out the new MP3 and Blue Tooth compatible Oakley optics on display at Team Active.

3.  A New State Champion is crowned.  Congrats Danny!

Stay tuned for product reviews from the Lumberjack 100

May 2, 2008

When gas prices started to rise we took an informal poll of our friends, families, and customers to try to determine the price gasoline would need to reach per gallon to cause a shift in transportation choices. There was no consensus. The people we polled were non committal and didn't think prices would rise enough to cause changes. When gas hit $3.50 per gallon we heard people complain but we didn't see more people coming into the store talking about bike commuting.

I think we have reached that point with gas at $3.75.

People have started coming in and talking about bike commuting. We have been selling bikes for commuting and accessories for commuting. To our customers who already commute, great job and keep up the good work. To those who are interested in commuting, please let us help. We can help you with product selection and advise. If you work in downtown Battle Creek, we can help you with places to park your bike as well. We are here for you. Let us know what you need and how we can help turn you into a bike commuter.

May 12, 2008

Mountain Bike Racing and Free Hot Dogs

The Team Active Racing team was in full force this past weekend at the Fort Custer Stampede.  After racing their bikes for 15 to 40 milers team members served free hot dogs and burgers to hundreds of hungry mountain bikers.

April 23, 2008

Spring is in the air and the Team Active Racing Team is faster than ever.

Check out their new BLOG

April 11, 2008

Linear Park Trail Clean Up Day

April 12, 2008

9AM at the State Street Parking Lot

April 10, 2008

Learn More

April 2, 2008

Dan's System Six Ride Review:

    I was like a little kid on Christmas morning when I found my 2008 Cannondale System Six in the basement at Team Active.  I have been without a skinny tired machine for a couple months and was very anxious to get out and ride over Michigan's pot holes.



The Ride: I was hesitant to ride a bike with an aluminum rear end.  I had been spoiled with carbon fiber for the last 4 summers but was ready for something new. The first obstacle I rode over were train tracks, then pot holes, then some gravel roads.  The carbon fiber front end absorbed the vibration and the aluminum stays were smooth.  I look forward to some gravel road epics on this bike.   Another aspect of the ride that I enjoyed was the handling.  The stiff front end allowed me to lean into the turns and let my body control the bike.  I just needed to point and pedal.

Component Highlights: The System Six 4 came stock with SRAM Rival, Mavic Hoops and a Carbon Fiber seat post.  Great value and durability for the price point.



July 21, 2008

The Go By Bike Challenge

Here at Team we are dedicated to helping people ride bikes.

Trek and One World Two Wheels have started a new campaign to raise awareness and motivate people to ride.  You can pledge your mileage and register to win prizes HERE.


July 21, 2008

The Go By Bike Challenge

Here at Team we are dedicated to helping people ride bikes.

Trek and One World Two Wheels have started a new campaign to raise awareness and motivate people to ride.  You can pledge your mileage and register to win prizes HERE.